Below is a list of some of our leavers’ destinations:

King’s College London: Global Health and Social Medicine with a Year Abroad

London School of Economics: Anthropology and Law

University College London: Law

University of Cambridge: Mathematics

University of Bath: MEng (Hons) Robotics Engineering

University of Bath: Mathematics

Warwick University: Mathematics

University of Bristol: History

Cardiff University: History

University of Bristol: Biochemistry

Warwick University: Biomedical Science

Cardiff University: Medicine

King’s College London: Biomedical Science

University of Exeter: History

University of Nottingham: Physiotherapy

The University of Liverpool: Physics

Queen Mary University of London: Mathematics with Statistics

Durham University: Natural Sciences

Royal Academy of Music: Music

University of York: Film and Television Production

Oxford University: Law

The University of Liverpool: Architecture

Cambridge University: Engineering

University of Bath: Chemical Engineering

University of Glasgow: English Literature

University of Birmingham: Electrical Engineering

Imperial College London: Medicine

University of Medicine (Hungary): Medicine

Sussex University: Chemistry

Oxford University: English Literature

Cambridge University: Education with English & Drama

St. George’s: Medicine

University of Prague: Medicine

Cambridge University: Land Economy

University of Bristol: Civil Engineering

Warwick University: Computer Science

Queen Mary University of London: Computer Science with Management (ITMB) with Year Abroad

Queen Mary University of London: Aerospace Engineering with Industrial Experience