The teachers are extremely passionate and have unparalleled knowledge in their fields;
creating a safe and enjoyable environment to learn.
— Former student

Bridging units are designed to bridge the gap between GCSE and Year 12 and help prepare the students of the type of work they will be covering in their post-16 courses. When students commence their studies with us in September, we expect them to have completed the bridging units below in each of the subjects they have chosen to study.

All Bridging Work must be handed to the relevant subject teachers on the first week in September 2019. 

Art & Design Biology Business Studies Chemistry Computer Science English Literature French Geography History Mathematics Music BTEC Music Technology Physical Education Philosophy & Ethics Physics Spanish

I do think Saint Cecilia’s set me up well for adult life. Now I am studying English and Creative and Professional Writing at university and will soon have published a book with a few of my classmates, something I never would have dreamed of achieving without the support of the wonderful, hardworking staff at Saint Cecilia’s. My friends and I often talk about the things we miss about our school. Some of our happiest memories were made inside those school walls. Trust me, you’ll have a wonderful time!
— Former student