Putney Arts Theatre Year 9 Drama Workshop

Putney Arts Theatre visited the school this week to deliver a workshop for Year 9 pupils based on devising skills and specifically, using music as a stimulus to create performance.

To start, the pupils had great fun playing a getting to know you game which moved quickly into working in pairs to complete short, improvised scenes inspired by song lyrics, such as ‘I just can’t wait to be King!’.

For the main section of the workshop, pupils rehearsed in larger groups to create a movement piece and we asked to use sections of a song by the Lumineers. The song suggest themes of soldiers being sent to war and the students reflected this beautifully in their performances. It was fantastic to see how students were able to produce high quality and engaging pieces of Drama with a sense of maturity and sensitivity in such a short amount of time. A pupil wrote: “I found it really fun and interesting. The facilitators made it so easy to ask questions and were super supportive.” Another pupil commented: “I thought it was good and was an amazing way to join with other people with different ideas and opinions. It was a great way to express my feeling through acting.